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Dyson has become a big name in the vacuum cleaner market for a number of years now, fueled by innovative technology, superior quality, and effective marketing strategies. And although some people may be scared away by the price tag of Dyson vacuums, there’s no disputing that if you want a powerful vacuum that will last you for many years, Dyson is the way to go. [click to continue…]


My Flex Belt Review: An In-depth Look

Okay, so I’ve had a lot of questions regarding the Flex Belt and whether it actually works as an “ab toner”. Since I bought this device recently, I decided to put up a comprehensive Flex Belt review to help all you folks interested in buying it. In order to make this review as helpful (and balanced) as possible I’ve included both other peoples’ reviews and my own personal thoughts on this product. [click to continue…]


No No Hair Removal Review

This is an in-depth review of the No No Hair Removal system for all those interested in buying this relatively new product. Now one of the biggest things you’ll notice about this system if you do a bit of research is that it  has received both good and bad reviews.

After using No No Hair for several months now, I can see why that is – it is not a lazy way of removing hair from your body. Instead, it is a longterm hair removal solution that is quite effective ONLY if you’re looking for LONGTERM results. [click to continue…]