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Dyson has become a big name in the vacuum cleaner market for a number of years now, fueled by innovative technology, superior quality, and effective marketing strategies. And although some people may be scared away by the price tag of Dyson vacuums, there’s no disputing that if you want a powerful vacuum that will last you for many years, Dyson is the way to go.

Although there were a number of vacuums to choose from, our selection for best vacuum in the Dyson category is the Dyson DC33. Its power and superior quality vastly outweigh its few minor drawbacks (which all vacuums seem to have anyways) and its price tag is not out of reach for most people.

After testing out this vacuum a number of times and scouring the web for Dyson DC33 reviews, we feel that it is now time to finally offer our comprehensive review of this product.

In this review, we will show you what makes this vacuum unique, offer some personal thoughts on it, provide some additional customer reviews, and sum up the pros and the cons. As always, we’ve included a link at the bottom leading to the lowest price on this model if you’re interested in buying it.

Product Specs:

  • uses patented Root Cyclone technology for no loss of suction
  • bagless upright vacuum
  • specializes in covering multiple floor surfaces
  • Lifetime washable HEPA filter to trap allergens
  • 5 year warranty

Our Personal Test of the Dyson DC33

The first thing that we liked about the Dyson was that it was not as heavy as some of the other high-end vacuums we’ve tried. With a weight of about 17 pounds, it is easy to move around a house (with stairs) and super easy to store when you’re done. Also, the cord is long enough to cover the floor area of one level of a typical house – which is one complaint we had against its competitor, the Shark Navigator).

But of course the real test comes down to how well the vacuum actually performs.

When we turned it on the first time, we were a bit disappointed. We ran it across a dirt covered floor and found the suction to be less than adequate. We were just about ready to send it back, when suddenly the suction power of the vacuum increased ten-fold, and it began cutting through the dirt like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Every other time we turned on the vacuum, it was ready to go immediately, so this must be just something that happens when it is fresh out of the box (maybe it needs to warm up a bit when you use it for the very first time??)

In terms of suction, this vacuum rocks! It is able to suck all the dirt, dust, and hair from your carpet right down to the smallest micron. Honestly, we tried this vacuum on a carpet at a friend’s house (that had just been shampooed), and we were still able to extract particles from the floor – and he owns a dog that sheds like CRAZY.

Clearly the Dyson DC33 was a powerful vacuum that could extract even the most ingrained particles in your floor.

Multi-Floor Cleaning Capabilities

One of the key features the company markets about the DC33 is its multi-floor cleaning abilities. It is supposed to have an easy-to-use calibration unit when you are switching from carpet to bare floor. Some vacuums just don’t perform well when you switch surfaces – but this one is supposed to work well on almost any surface.

So we moved from the living room to the den to test out its bare floor mode. To switch between modes, you just have to move a little wheel-like button at the front of the vacuum. This does require bending down, which is what one reviewers complained about (he thought the flooring controls should be located near the top of the vacuum). But honestly, bending down is really not an issue when the vacuum performs as well as this.

It’s suction capability on hardwood is just as effective as on a carpet. It was able to pick up all the dust and dirt particles in its path, and we were still impressed by its power.

Emptying the Canister

We’ve used many canister vacuum, and usually at some point you will have to reach your hand (or other object) into the canister to force out any remaining particles. But with the Dyson Vacuum, emptying the canister is super easy. You just press a button to release the canister, hold it over a garbage container, and then press another button to release the bottom. All the particles the vacuum has picked up get released smoothly into the garbage container, with virtually nothing left behind.

So in terms of cleanup, this vacuum gets an A+.

Minor Drawbacks

Despite all the great features of the Dyson DC33, there were a few drawbacks worth pointing out. Now for most people, these drawbacks won’t be much of an issue (if at all), but for the sake of detail, we’ve decided to include them in this review.

First, the wand is made out of plastic and can take some getting used to at first. We would have preferred the wand to be made out of a stronger material (like aluminum) to ensure its longevity – though I’ve never heard of the wand on the DC33 breaking on someone.

Second, if you clean-up lots of pet hair, it is important to let the vacuum run for 30 seconds longer after you finish vacuuming. This will allow all the pet hair to arrive in the canister upon completion. If you don’t do this, then the pet hair will eek its way out of the front of the vacuum over time on the floor of where you store it

Other Dyson DC33 Reviews

So these are our personal thoughts on the DC33 after testing it extensively for a few weeks. But let’s have a look at some other customer reviews to see what other’s think of this vacuum. Below are some excerpts from various customer reviews and feedback we came across while researching this vacuum.

” It left the lines on the carpet from where I had vacuumed (I love that!) and it also fluffed up the carpet and made it feel like when we first bought the carpet and our feet sank down in it a bit!! Very cool!! And the best part – it picked up the dog hair!!!!!” Jennifer Fox, Amazon.com

“I was reluctant to pay so much money for this vacuum which seemed like a bunch of cheap plastic but it has turned out to be worth it. I have had mine for about 4 years, which is about 2 years longer than I have ever been able to tolerate a vacuum.” Hillary, New York, NY

“What a powerhouse! It really picks up the dirt and dust like no other machine we’ve ever owned. There is a floor attachment that you can purchase for you vinyl flooring that I would highly recommend ( easier to get under and around the low spaces).” Sammy, Amazon.com

“The dyson is the only vacuum I have ever owned that does an amazing job on my bare floors as well, it picks up everything and you can feel the difference when walking barefoot. The price seems a little steep for the dyson, but I paid about $200.00 for my windtunnel anyway and with the dyson waranty and ease of service it is a great deal. To me there is no comparrison.” Trena, Amazon.com

Conclusion: Is The Dyson DC33 Right For You?

The Dyson DC33 is one powerful vacuum and will give you great cleaning power for years to come. With great customer service, a 5 year warranty, and superior quality, this vacuum will give you the best bang for your buck in this price range.

If you have multiple for surface in your house and you own a pet, this vacuum will make cleaning the house much easier and way more effective. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the Dyson DC33 is a clear winner amongst higher-end vacuums, and will make even the cleanest of clean freaks revel in the awe at its power.

Where to Buy the Dyson DC33

After searching around for a bit for the lowest price on the Dyson DC33, we found that Amazon has the lowest price. Not only is Amazon a reputable online retailer with great customer support, there are offering a substantial discount on this vacuum.

It normally retails for $399, but right now you can get it for $50 off when you buy through Amazon. If you’re considering getting this vacuum, now is the time to buy it.