MU65000 Samsung HDR UHD


Most of the population today in the world have televisions in their homes. However, different people have different types of televisions. Many companies have come up to manufacture, assemble and distribute televisions in the world. The choice of television to buy depends on personal preference on the company, the size, the specs and the cost of the television. In addition to helping you pass time and catch up with news and other programs, a television is a good show of class and taste. A good looking television will definitely improve the look of your space. Speaking of the best manufacturers of televisions and other electronic devices, Samsung tops the list. It is very popular for producing very quality electronic products. One of the latest televisions that the company has released is the Samsung MU6500 curved Ultra HD TV.

Samsung MU6500 reviews

There are many people who have already purchased this television and have given their feedback on the performance of the television.

Strengths of the Samsung MU6500.

The features that make it a smart TV are solid and reliable.

It has an attractive black colour that is uniform throughout the TV. This displays class and sophistication to your house.

The menu on-screen is easy to operate. This ensures that the TV is friendly even to a first time user.

It is equipped with a web browser, ensuring that you can stream movies and programs online.

When in game mode, the TV does not lag like other televisions. This ensures that you have maximum fun when playing games using the TV.

It has edge led lights that ensure efficient distribution of light on the screen.

It is also HDR compatible.

Weaknesses of the Samsung MU6500

The contrast and saturation of color continues to deteriorate with the angle.

It is easy to notice the screen glare.

The HDR compatibility is limited.

There are limited picture modes to select from.

The dimming feature is limited with the Samsung MU6500.

Features of the Samsung MU6500

This TV is one of the best produced by Samsung with 4K abilities. Below are some of the outstanding features of the TV;

It has excellent picture quality

According to the ratings, the Samsung MU6500 can be said to have scored 85%. It is common knowledge that the televisions with an edge lit or a back lit technology do not produce the best picture quality. Samsung has however gone the extra mile to ensure that the semi-clear coat screen produces the highest quality pictures and contrast. The clarity of the pictures and the quality of the colour are also perfect A light bleed may occur over time, especially when the background and pictures are relatively dark. This brand has the best LEDs that are ideal for bright screens. It also has the capability to absorb ambient light, due to the clear panel technology that has been implemented in the making of this TV.

The Samsung smart hub

The Samsung UN55MU6500 works very well with the normal options of any other smart TV. Even though this TV is not enabled with the smart features of the very top designs, it has its smart hub suit that was released last year. It is not like the one on the top designs, but the designs of the two are basically the same. It has a navigation and interface that is intuitive, ranking the TV among the best not only in the company but also in the market. It also has the game tab as one of the pages of the smart TV. There is freedom to login differently, ensuring that every member of the family can have different settings and recommendation. This further makes the TV suitable for large families.

The design

This Samsung UN55MU6500 TV is well equipped with a black boarder that is half an inch wide, accompanies with the curved feature of the screen. Even though this feature does not give it a very expensive and sophisticated look compared to the other designs, it is still among the best.

The processor and smart remote

The presence of a processor in this TV ensures that it has increased speed in performing the desired functions. In addition to that, it also allows for web browsing with faster speeds. This therefore means that the Samsung UN55MU6500 is equipped with the ability to easily multitask without compromising on the performance speed.

The TV is also accompanied with a smart remote control. The only downside with this remote is that it does not control the sound of the television. It has good quality speakers that produce sounds that are not very perfect, but they are relatively good. It also has a sound bar that makes it easier and convenient to monitor the set volume.

Other features

The TV is fitted with 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI inputs, built in Wi-Fi and several picture modes for gamers to choose from. The dimming feature is not very good quality. This is because contrary to dimming the pictures on the screen, it enhances the contrast of the picture. It is not equipped with 3D feature and 120Hz channel is not also included. Even though the side view feature is greatly improved, it is still not up to mark. This is because the colour contrast and the saturation of colours continues to fade as you move further. However, it is an improvement from the earlier designs produced by Samsung.


The Samsung UN55MU6500 smart Ultra HD TV is one of the best productions by Samsung, which is the largest and most popular manufacturer of electronic devices. The television has a few setbacks but generally it is a functional television. Getting one ensures that you get value for your money. This is because it has so many features that ensure you get the best TV experience. In addition to the features listed above, the television is also equipped with free apps for both android and IOS devices that can be downloaded onto it. This further ensures comfort and efficiency. This is because you can then use the compatible android or IOS device as a remote controller for the TV.